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About Us

About Us

Severn Tuning provide a wide range of aftermarket performance upgrades not typically available to enthusiasts, including specialized Engine Control Unit (ECU) tuning.  Each ECU tune is individually developed by a licensed professional engineer. Your project is our priority.

Our tuning catalog encompasses winning racecars with purpose-built engines, high-horsepower street cars, OEM ECU flash tuning, and everything in between. Our full product line is designed for endurance in the most demanding environments. We are the official tuning sponsor of the Bimmer Challenge race series.

Our mission is to develop the most powerful and reliable aftermarket performance solutions for customers anywhere in the world.

While Severn Tuning’s online product collection is centered on European luxury/sports cars, we can provide custom ECU tuning for a variety of applications- including aftermarket ECUs, diesel engines, trucks, and even agricultural equipment! Please contact us for details at info@severntuning.com.