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Premium ECU Tuning

Severn Tuning provides a wide range of aftermarket performance upgrades not typically available to enthusiasts, including specialized ECU tuning.  Each ECU tune is individually developed by a licensed professional engineer.

Proven on the Race Track

Our full product line is designed for endurance in the most demanding environments. Our customers eagerly embrace tough conditions, and this is where Severn Tuning reliability thrives. We are proud to be the official tuning sponsor of the Bimmer Challenge race series.

Fuel System Upgrades

Great ECU tunes start with quality hardware, and fuel injectors are some of the most critical components of any vehicle. Severn Tuning recommend Fuel Injector Clinic (FIC) fuel injectors in our tuning applications whenever possible. We are a preferred dealer and can enhance naturally aspirated, forced induction, or alternative fuel setups with our high-end FIC injectors.

ECU Tuning Options

A look at the finer details.

  • Fully Custom Tuning

    ECU calibrations created exclusively to your specifications; refined through data logs and dyno performance.

  • Remote Tuning

    The majority of our ECU tuning options include software and an end user flash tool to upload new files at your convenience- anywhere in the world!

  • EWS Delete

    Immobilizer removal services for a wide range of ECUs including MS45, MSx70, MSS6x, and MSS54.

  • ECU Cloning/Recovery

    We can clone or restore your "bricked" ECU. In many cases, we can even recover the contents of physically damaged ECUs.

  • FlashApp

    We worked with the best software engineers in the business to develop our proprietary FlashApp software suite. FlashApp allows customers to both flash and data log their ECU with just a laptop and cable. Our customers use FlashApp to conveniently upload tuned files at the fastest speeds in the world, surpassing anything else available from competitors. For example, MSS70 can be flashed in less than a minute and data log more than 60 different parameters!

  • Severn Tuning Flasher

    This handheld flash tool is offered as an on-the-go compliment to FlashApp and is available for most vehicles we tune. The Severn Tuning Flasher is a standalone, touchscreen flash tuner ("programmer") that allows the end user to:

    - Read the ECU’s stock file
    - Write tuned files provided by Severn Tuning
    - Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

  • Bench Flash Service

    Prefer to send us your ECU to modify? Rest assured, we only use genuine professional tuning tools and will never support cheap, unethical and unreliable clone tools.

  • Data Analysis

    Race Based On Facts. Not Intuition.

    We optimize your engine's performance using high-end Plex Data Analysis software.

The FIC Advantage

Simply put, if we know exactly how much fuel an individual injector will spray in a given amount of time, we can calibrate the ECU to compensate so that each cylinder gets the precise amount of fuel needed. We do this by modifying each individual cylinder’s injector pulse width through what is known as ChronoBalance: matching ECU software to measured individual injector performance. We recognize that a lean condition in a single cylinder can cause total engine failure. Conversely, an overly rich mixture will result in sub-optimal performance and can fatigue components over time. For these reasons, we ChronoBalance all ECU tunes where injector data is available. FIC provide us with the most accurate and in-depth injector data based on actual testing of each injector produced.

Top Tier Tuning

Unmatched Technical Acumen

We employ the most technically competent, educated, and credentialed tuners in the industry- true engineers with post-graduate degrees.

Priority Service

Tired of being treated like a number in a queue? We consider each individual project as our own and provide nothing short of first-class service.

Holistic Tuning Approach

There’s a reason why our customers range from track day enthusiasts to NASA race winners– we tune for reliability, and we tune to win. Follow our sponsored BMW Z4M race car as we compete in the Bimmer Challenge race series!