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BMW Z4 (2003-2005) MS45 ECU Tune - Stage 2

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See our full write-up for more details and other tuning options!

Stage 2: Ideal for major power-adders such as forced induction. Our Stage 2 ECU tune can also benefit naturally aspirated race engines making >20% more horsepower than standard through modifications such as large-duration and high-lift camshafts, individual throttle bodies, and head work. Stage 2 includes the same parameter revisions as Stage 1, plus additional modifications to injector correction factors, intake manifold models, torque limiters, engine torque calculations, and other proprietary revisions. When supporting hardware modifications are installed, power gains are 50-70 horsepower beyond standard forced induction kits. Stage 2 supports up to approximately 400 bhp / 350 whp and the use of water/methanol injection, intercooling, and flex fuel (with the AFD ProFlex Commander, sold separately). Please note that turbocharged cars are required to have certain hardware modifications installed. Quality injectors with known injector data are required. Contact us for details.

Handheld Flash Tuner: Some customers desire the ability to flash between tunes without taking a laptop with them. Our handheld, touch screen flash tuner ("programmer") stores up to five tunes which can be flashed to the vehicle's ECU in approximately two minutes. Our Stage 1/2/3 and Alpha-N tune purchases include a FlashApp license, so this purchase is NOT required in order to upload tuned files to the ECU and is offered as an additional add-on. 

Additional Tunes: Three additional tunes can be purchased for $500. Examples include normal/high boost, summer/winter, high/low altitude, pump/race gas, E85, OBD2 monitoring on/off.

FIC Fuel Injectors: Severn Tuning recommendations are as follows.

365cc - Naturally aspirated applications on pump gas, flex fuel, or full E85. Forced induction up to 300 whp on pump gas.

650cc - Forced induction engines up to 350 whp on E85 / 450 whp on pump gas

775cc - Forced induction engines up to 420 whp on E85 / 560 whp on pump gas

1000cc - Forced induction engines up to 540 whp on E85 / 720 whp on pump gas