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Aston Martin V8 Vantage ECU Tune (4.3)

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Our Aston Martin V8 Vantage ECU tune was developed on the dyno in a controlled environment and validated in a variety of conditions during more than a year of testing. Most importantly, we prioritize reliability over all other factors, which has resulted in uniquely noticeable, repeatable improvements. Behavior can be categorized as “OEM plus”- ideal for both stock and lightly modified naturally aspirated engines. Typical power gain with our tune is approximately 25 whp. As with our other ECU tunes, every calibration has been developed by a licensed professional engineer. Some of our improvements are as follows:

RPM Limit Increase. A mild increase in rpm limit allows the driver to enjoy the mechanical advantage of a lower gear for a greater period, and an upshift at redline puts the car deeper into the powerband of the next gear. The V8 Vantage is cammed for top-end power and truly benefits from a safe increase in the rev limiter.

Ignition Timing Advance. During development, we closely monitored for knock while tuning ignition timing advance for optimum power.

AFR/Lambda. The V8 Vantage is tuned to run excessively rich from the factory. In addition to contributing to poor efficiency, the extra fuel takes the place of power-generating oxygen in the combustion chamber; oxygen sensor and spark plug life are reduced; oil is quickly contaminated from the excess fuel; catalytic converters run hotter; and wear is generally accelerated. Our tune corrects the deficiencies of the factory calibration and safely increases performance.

Torque Request. The OEM torque request tables artificially limit the throttle body from fully opening, which reduces power available at full throttle. We optimize the ECU’s torque-related parameters to ensure the throttle body opens completely with the driver’s demand, and we apply tweaks to sharpen response without the pedal feeling overly sensitive.

Proprietary Improvements. Part- and full-throttle power are greatly improved, as is midrange torque. With a Severn Tuning calibration, your car will perform more like a 4.7 than a 4.3 V8.

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