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Limited Preorder - MaxxECU RACE ECU, Harness, Tune

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**Pre-order has ended. We are working to fulfill our current MaxxECU customer pre-orders and will open availability in the near future**


Pre-order with early access. Quantities are very limited; grayed items are sold out. Tuning can support naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged engines- any setup!

Included is the MaxxECU RACE, plug and play (pnp) wiring harness, and ECU tune provided by Severn Tuning. The MaxxECU RACE replaces the original BMW ECU and integrates seamlessly with the factory electronics, using BMW CAN protocols for a turnkey solution. This is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to take full advantage of a standalone ECU. Most importantly, we tune your setup to perfection using our proven methods and proprietary techniques.

The main advantages of the MaxxECU RACE over factory ECUs are safety, reliability, and performance. The MaxxECU has robust failsafe settings, protecting your investment. The immense onboard data logging capabilities can help identify issues before they become significant problems. This also means you don’t have to drag a laptop with you to the track, and post-race analysis may identify areas for improvement. Performance features include anti-lag, launch control, built-in wideband, no-lift shift, boost control, and performance traction control. Wirelessly connect an Android tablet to monitor engine parameters and make real-time adjustments via MaxxECU’s MDash.

In short, the MaxxECU is meant to be as straightforward and safe as possible to tune for maximum power, whereas the factory ECU is meant to be difficult to modify. Sometimes the original ECU uses obscure parameters buried among thousands of other settings. Other times the elusiveness of the original ECU leads to tuners disabling safety features; unexpected behavior; limp mode when certain conditions are encountered; limited features; and significant investment in standalone sensors and gauges whose monitoring take focus and attention from the task at hand – racing!

The MaxxECU RACE is so powerful that it’s easy to be overwhelmed with features. Severn Tuning can handle your MaxxECU setup using our recommended settings and tuning, so you can spend more time racing and less time learning software or tinkering.

All pnp wiring harnesses are made-to-order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.