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BMW Z4 (2003-2005) MS45 ECU Tune - Alpha-N

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See our full write-up for more details and other tuning options!

Alpha-N: We are the ONLY tuners which can offer forced induction Alpha-N tunes for MS45. With an Alpha-N tune, the MAF sensor is eliminated, and load is calculated based on throttle plate angle (Alpha) and engine rpm (N). The advantages of alpha-n tuning are: background compensation tables are bypassed; internal ECU airflow and load limiters become irrelevant; the tuning process is streamlined; and maximum engine power can be extracted. This is why nearly every aftermarket supercharger kit for naturally aspirated BMW M cars uses Alpha-N, and our development of high powered M cars has led us to expand our offering of high quality Alpha-N tunes to MS45 owners. Tuning an ECU to run in Alpha-N mode requires extremely precise mapping which other tuners simply are not capable of!

Handheld Flash Tuner: Some customers desire the ability to flash between tunes without taking a laptop with them. Our handheld, touch screen flash tuner ("programmer") stores up to five tunes which can be flashed to the vehicle's ECU in approximately two minutes. Our Stage 1/2/3 and Alpha-N tune purchases include a FlashApp license, so this purchase is NOT required in order to upload tuned files to the ECU and is offered as an additional add-on. 

Additional Tunes: Three additional tunes can be purchased for $500. Examples include normal/high boost, summer/winter, high/low altitude, pump/race gas, E85, OBD2 monitoring on/off.

FIC Fuel Injectors: Severn Tuning recommendations are as follows.

365cc - Naturally aspirated applications on pump gas, flex fuel, or full E85. Forced induction up to 300 whp on pump gas.

650cc - Forced induction engines up to 350 whp on E85 / 450 whp on pump gas

775cc - Forced induction engines up to 420 whp on E85 / 560 whp on pump gas

1000cc - Forced induction engines up to 540 whp on E85 / 720 whp on pump gas