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BMW Z4M (2006-2008) MSS70 ECU Tune - MAF-Based Custom Tune

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See our full write-up for more details and other tuning options!

MAF-Based Custom Tune: Ideal for vehicles with more extensive modifications than basic bolt-ons, such as aftermarket camshafts or major intake/exhaust modifications. This tune also targets customers that want to get every horsepower they can get out of their naturally aspirated street or track-only Z4Ms. Each custom tune uses our OTS standard tune as a base. The calibration is then revised based on customer-provided data logs of the vehicle in action- whether on the street, track, or dyno. We utilize sophisticated data analysis software throughout the revision process which ensures the optimal calibration is produced with the minimum number of logging sessions. We build ignition timing advance, fueling, and VANOS maps exclusively for your Z4M. Tuning for E85 fuel capability is a no-cost option.

We normally recommend a MAF-based tune over alpha-n due to the added flexibility and robustness of a MAF-based tune. MAF-based tunes are better at adapting to changes in environment such as altitude and temperature. The OEM functionality of a MAF-based tune is preferred over operating the ECU in alpha-n, which is pseudo limp mode. In the past, alpha-n was seen as advantageous because it allowed the tuner to bypass the ECU’s torque limiters on high horsepower cars. Rather than accepting an inferior solution, we developed a method to tune the torque limiters and provide a more elegant and reliable calibration

Additional Tunes: Three additional tunes can be purchased for $500. Examples include summer/winter, high/low altitude, pump/race gas, E85, OBD2 monitoring on/off.

EWS Delete: We are one of the few that offer EWS deletes for MSS70. Commonplace on race cars, an EWS delete allows for "hot swapping" ECUs. Customers can have multiple ECUs with different configurations and switch between the ECUs at any time. Please note that EACH ECU requires an EWS delete modification at $300 per ECU.

FIC Fuel Injectors: Severn Tuning recommendations are as follows.

525cc - Naturally aspirated applications on pump gas, flex fuel, or full E85; forced induction engines up to 400 whp on E85, or 520 whp on pump gas
650cc - Forced induction engines up to 500 whp on E85, or 650 whp on pump gas