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As with our MS45 ECU development, we spent years developing our MSS70 tuning services with two in-house supercharged BMW Z4Ms and beta testers around the world. This has included:

  • Hundreds of calibration iterations
  • Extensive dyno tuning, including third-party dyno testing to independently verify results in every climate- from Canadian winters to Dubai summers
  • Thousands of miles of road optimization
  • Partnering with the world’s most committed software professionals to provide a premier end-user flashing solution - Severn Tuning's FlashApp!

We have achieved the absolute best MSS70 tuning solution, bar none! Our ECU tunes are in a category of their own.

FlashApp for MSS70

Over the years we have advanced our tacit and explicit knowledge of the more than 8000 parameters in MSS70, and we appropriately apply modifications specific to your setup. Please see our customer photos - the results speak for themselves!

Our FAQ – MSS70 page provides details the tuning process, what to expect, and information on our Severn Tuning Flasher tool.

Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Standard Tune: This is our “OEM plus” tune, ideal for stock or near-stock naturally aspirated engines. Expect approximately +15 max horsepower gains on a completely stock car, and more with additional modifications such as catless headers. This tune can be optimized to support basic bolt-ons such as aftermarket intakes, catless headers, and free-flow exhaust systems. Full- and part-throttle tuning is optimized through adjustment of VANOS, ignition timing advance, engine torque request, throttle response, lambda targets, DTC delete (as required) and other proprietary revisions. Despite this tune’s classification as off-the-shelf, we do offer a degree of customization options which allow the customer to expressly tailor our tune to their desires. Example options include Vmax/top speed limiter delete, rev limit increase, and throttle mapping sensitivity adjustment (e.g., sport mode throttle response when the ECU is in normal mode, and our proprietary sport plus throttle response when sport mode is activated). Feel free to contact us for a full list of options.

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MAF-Based Custom Tune: Ideal for vehicles with more extensive modifications than basic bolt-ons, such as aftermarket camshafts or major intake/exhaust modifications. This tune also targets customers that want to get every horsepower they can get out of their naturally aspirated street or track-only Z4Ms. Each custom tune uses our OTS standard tune as a base. The calibration is then revised based on customer-provided data logs of the vehicle in action- whether on the street, track, or dyno. We utilize sophisticated data analysis software throughout the revision process which ensures the optimal calibration is produced with the minimum number of logging sessions. We build ignition timing advance, fueling, and VANOS maps exclusively for your Z4M. Tuning for E85 fuel capability is a no-cost option.

We normally recommend a MAF-based tune over alpha-n due to the added flexibility and robustness of a MAF-based tune. MAF-based tunes are better at adapting to changes in environment such as altitude and temperature. The OEM functionality of a MAF-based tune is preferred over operating the ECU in alpha-n, which is pseudo limp mode. In the past, alpha-n was seen as advantageous because it allowed the tuner to bypass the ECU’s torque limiters on high horsepower cars. Rather than accepting an inferior solution, we developed a method to tune the torque limiters and provide a more elegant and reliable calibration.

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Naturally Aspirated Alpha-N: Specifically developed ECU tuning for naturally aspirated Z4Ms whose modifications preclude the use of a MAF sensor, such as carbon airboxes or velocity stacks. Our alpha-n tuning process is identical to our MAF-based custom tune- our performance tune is revised based on customer-provided data logs of the vehicle in action on the street, track, or dyno. We do not offer an OTS alpha-n tune due to its sensitivity to changes in hardware or environment, and we recommend customers be wary of tuners that offer OTS alpha-n tunes without revisions. The nature of alpha-n tuning requires that we shape the calibration to the exact vehicle and its use, and as with our other custom tunes, we utilize advanced data analysis software to optimize the tune. The result is more power, better efficiency, and greater reliability with our alpha-n tunes.

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Supercharged Alpha-N: This tuning service includes all the features of our naturally aspirated alpha-n tune, enhanced to support forced induction. We can tune supercharger kits from any of the three major manufacturers (ESS, VF Engineering, and G-Power), as well as take each setup to the next level. Alternative fuels, larger injectors, and high boost are our specialty!

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Customer Loyalty

When upgrading between each stage of tune, customers are credited for their previous purchase and only pay the difference in price between tunes. For example, if a customer has already purchased a naturally aspirated alpha-n ECU tune and wishes to add forced induction, the customer will only pay $200 to upgrade to a supercharged alpha-n ECU tune.

Disclaimer - Flash tuning is separate from coding and diagnostics. It will not solve underlying mechanical or electronic issues, and in some cases, it can make problems worse. We highly recommend you consider tuning to be a final ECU calibration and the very last step when optimizing your vehicle. Recommended for off-road use only!

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