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BMW Z4M (2006-2008) MSS70 ECU Tune - OTS

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See our full write-up for more details and other tuning options!

Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Standard Tune: This is our “OEM plus” tune, ideal for stock or near-stock naturally aspirated engines. Expect approximately +15 max horsepower gains on a completely stock car, and more with additional modifications such as catless headers. This tune can be optimized to support basic bolt-ons such as aftermarket intakes, catless headers, and free-flow exhaust systems. Full- and part-throttle tuning is optimized through adjustment of VANOS, ignition timing advance, engine torque request, throttle response, lambda targets, DTC delete (as required) and other proprietary revisions. Despite this tune’s classification as off-the-shelf, we do offer a degree of customization options which allow the customer to expressly tailor our tune to their desires. Example options include Vmax/top speed limiter delete, rev limit increase, and throttle mapping sensitivity adjustment (e.g., sport mode throttle response when the ECU is in normal mode, and our proprietary sport plus throttle response when sport mode is activated). Feel free to contact us for a full list of options.

Additional Tunes: Three additional tunes can be purchased for $500. Examples include summer/winter, high/low altitude, pump/race gas, E85, OBD2 monitoring on/off.

EWS Delete: We are one of the few that offer EWS deletes for MSS70. Commonplace on race cars, an EWS delete allows for "hot swapping" ECUs. Customers can have multiple ECUs with different configurations and switch between the ECUs at any time. Please note that EACH ECU requires an EWS delete modification at $300 per ECU.

FIC Fuel Injectors: Severn Tuning recommendations are as follows.

525cc - Naturally aspirated applications on pump gas, flex fuel, or full E85; forced induction engines up to 400 whp on E85, or 520 whp on pump gas
650cc - Forced induction engines up to 500 whp on E85, or 650 whp on pump gas